11 Reasons To Choose Power Inn Chiropractic

Why Power Inn Chiropractic?

Each year thousands of patients find relief from pain and suffering through chiropractic when other methods have failed. Many of the negative aspects of diseases can be improved through proper nutrition, diet, exercise, hygiene and adjustment of the spine and extremities.

It is our goal to aid and help all who come to us, to improve their health.

11 Reasons To Choose Power Inn Chiropractic

  1. We have office hours early and late.
  2. We have special programs to make our care affordable for you.
  3. Dr. Hulbert is trained in multiple adjustment techniques to help you get well faster.
  4. We offer a no wait guarantee. If you are in our office waiting longer that 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment, your visit is FREE!
  5. Our adjustment programs are designed so that you will never have to worry about being over-adjusted or coming in longer than necessary.
  6. Out team members are highly skilled, and work hard for you and your family too.
  7. We offer a fast-track for our patients who must get in and out in 6 minutes or less or your visit is FREE!
  8. We discount a wide selection of supplements, supports and other health care items for our practice members.
  9. We offer discounts for additional family members that live with you.
  10. We have special programs for our patients that include supplements, messages, workout kits and more.
  11. We specialize in the treatment of severe back and neck disc pain with the aid of spinal decompression and LASER therapy.

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