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Power Inn Chiropractic Has Dramatically Improved The Lives Of Countless People! Here are just a few examples of the success stories we have on file.  These are people just like you who once suffered with a health problem and now enjoy a brighter more pain free life.

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 “Nothing Helped Until She Saw Dr. Hulbert…”

“After constant pain for 15 months in her left elbow as well as constant pain for 6 weeks in her right wrist and both ankles, Nellie Walters had tried almost everything to stop the pain.  Nothing helped until a friend told her about Dr. Hulbert.

After her first adjustment, Nellie said the pain in her elbow decreased by 30% and the pain in her wrist and both ankles was relieved completely.  Today she feels even better!”

“Chiropractic Care Has Changed My Life!”

“Noreen Ayala always had some lower back and neck pain but never thought that it could have been related to an auto accident that had occurred in the past. Aspirin and pain relievers only provided a small amount of relief.  Chiropractic care with Dr. Hulbert changed that.

Noreen says, “it has changed my overall health 100% for the better. I can feel the difference when I sit or stand.  I recommend chiropractic care to my family and friends. Chiropractic care has changed my life in a very positive way.”

“Dr. Hulbert Is Able To Relieve My Severe Pain”

“After 25 years of back pain and attempts at relief with medical treatment, medication, physical therapy, and exercise, Walt Wilson’s daughter referred him to Dr. Hulbert for chiropractic care.  In Walt’s words, “What physical therapy did in three months, I receive from my chiropractic doctor in one week!  When I have these recurrent back problems, I am totally disabled.  Dr. Hulbert is able to relieve my severe pain and give me the ability to function as a person.”

“No More Headaches…”

“Can you imagine having a headache every day for your whole life?  Louise Schumaker dealt with this for all of her 43 years.  When they became migraine sized, she tried to alleviate them with aspirin, exercise, and meditation, but her headaches remained a problem.

After being introduced to Dr. Hulbert, she now moves and feels better, and the best part – NO HEADACHES!  Take it from Louise, “It took me 43 years to even think about going to a chiropractor.  Don’t let that happen to you.  You have one life, my wish for you is that it’s healthy in every way.”

Improved Athletic Performance

“Melissa Madeson, of Sacramento State’s cross-country team had such hip and knee pain caused by an injury that she had been unable to run for an entire year. Several consistent weeks of chiropractic treatment made a big difference.

“Dr. Hulbert has kept me ‘lined up’ and well adjusted to prevent re-injury.”  As a result of the excellent treatment Melissa received from Dr. Hulbert, she went on to be CSUS Athlete of the Week for her efforts in leading the Sacramento State cross country team to a second-place finish at the Hornet Harrier Classic. Melissa finished first out of 47 competitors.”

“Improvement In My Overall Health!”

“Russell Jose had suffered injuries and several physical traumas.  While physical therapy helped each individual condition, Russell was still searching for more relief.  “Dr. Hulbert listens intently with genuine concern about my physical problems.  He decreased the ‘sandy’ sound when turning my head to the side.

I am able to get out of bed daily pain free for the first time since I can remember!  I am able to breathe out of both nostrils at the same time for the first time since I can remember!  I am able to stand upright pain free for the first time since I can remember!  My mental attitude is greatly improved due to feeling better physically, and I noticed an improvement in my digestive system.

Dr. Hulbert is a very sincere man who cares deeply for his patients’ well-being first and foremost.  Dr. Hulbert made corrections in my spine that I did not know were possible.  He accessed trigger points under my left shoulder that to my knowledge could not be accessed manually. Dr. Hulbert freed up these trigger points painlessly.”

Season Best Time In Track and Field…

“As an athlete at CSU Sacramento, Jonathan Davis had a nagging hamstring strain for the past two years.  When weight lifting was not solving the problem, Jonathan scheduled an appointment with Dr. Hulbert.  “Since my regular office visits, I haven’t had any more problems with my hamstrings”.  After Dr. Hulbert healed Jonathan’s hamstring, Jonathan was able to compete at an outstanding level at the Bill Cosby Invitational.  In fact, Jonathan clocked in a season best time in the 55-meter dash, an effort that earned him the CSUS Athlete of the Week award.”

“No More Pain In My Legs And No Numbness In My Hand!”

“Pamela LoRusso suffered from daily headaches, mid-back pain, numbness in both hands, and pain down both legs for years.  She was taking “a lot of sinus pills and headache medication almost every day”.  Finally, Pam was referred to Dr. Hulbert for one last hope.  “Now I no longer have any pain in my legs, no numbness in my hand, and my mid back has improved so much…It’s coming along quite well, and I feel 100% better.”

“Relief From My Severe Hip And Knee Pain!”

“After two years of constant severe hip joint pain and knee pain, Mary Carda had tried it all.  After several short months of treatment by Dr. Hulbert, Mary’s pain is relieved and Dr. Hulbert is correcting her spine. “Dr. Hulbert is a very caring doctor for his patients.”

“The Treatment I Have Received Has Relieved My Pain…”

“Chandra Flinn almost always had mid-back and low-back pain.  In the past, she had tried massage, other chiropractic methods, stretch, and ibuprofen. Then one day while she was at school, she heard that Dr. Hulbert was the chiropractor for Sacramento State University.

Chandra was referred to Dr. Hulbert for help.  Since being treated by Dr. Hulbert, she additionally says, “The treatment I received from Dr. Hulbert has relieved my pain.  Also in Olympic lifting I catch the weight even on a heavy snatch instead of rotating and pushing the bar unevenly.”

“My Neck, Shoulders, And Low Back Are Almost Pain Free…”

“Valerie had lived with stiffness and soreness in her neck and shoulders for many years and with pain in her low back.  After massage and exercise did not alleviate these problems, her loving husband brought her to see Dr. Hulbert, and she found the relief she had been looking for. “I’m now almost pain free.  My neck and shoulders are loose and do not hurt most of the time.  My lower back doesn’t hurt the majority of the time.”

“I Feel Like A New Man!”

“Jaime Molina-Munoz explained to Dr. Hulbert that he suffered for a few years from TMJ, low back pain, neck pain, and hip pain.  He was so grateful when his insurance company referred him to Dr. Hulbert.  Jaime said that Dr. Hulbert’s methods and techniques of chiropractic helped him in several ways: It has raised his self-esteem, improved his walking and balance, alleviated his tension from his jaw joints, took his hip and lower back pains away, and his neck pain is totally gone!  Thanks to Dr. Hulbert’s adjustments, he feels like a new man!

“It Is Great To Live Virtually Pain Free!”

“For the last 22 years, Tamara Martfeld has had severe headaches two weeks of each month. She tried various pain medications, alternative medications, medical screening to rule out tumors, cancer, etc.  Finally, her mother, Joan Martfeld, referred her to Dr. Hulbert, hoping he could help her.  Tamara stated, “It is great to live virtually pain free.”  She additionally said, “Dr. Hulbert is a highly qualified professional who will be honest about what to expect from treatments, and he is excellent in his field.  I would recommend Dr. Hulbert to anyone who is in pain.”

We have thousands more satisfied patients who can give their stories too!