"An extraordinary chiropracter!!! Dr. Hulbert is amazing and incredibly nice. He's easy going and their office is very easy going, they offer monthly raffles and they even have an in-house massage therapist which offers the cheapest massage rate in sacramento. I recommend this place to every person who complains of pain."
Simone N.
"5 years ago I ended up with Vertigo and I felt lost and I had no idea what was going on with me. So I was referred by a family friend to see Dr. Hulbert. He's helped me so much with his adjustments. I feel more in control,not scared anymore,and can function better. He's really there for his patients. The atmosphere at his office makes you feel like home. He also gives you great information about your health. Also, if you love sports he's a great person to chat with about that. Go see him you won't regret it!"
Josette T.
"I've been visiting this office for about 14 years now. The staff is courteous and professional; care is top-notch, and the facility is comfortable and immaculate. Highly recommended..."
James B.
"Dr. Hulbert was amazing. I brought my 3month old in for a second opinion and I’m glad I did. He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain and teach you about the body. The office is very big and clean. We’ll definitely be back!"
Erika G
"Thanks to Dr. Hulbert my life has been changed in a big way. After each therapy he take the time out of his busy day to coach me and provide recommendations how to improve my health. He is so professional and always looking out for his patients. I am very glad I found his office. I highly recommend people who is in need of a chiropractor to come in visit him."
Pedro N.
"I’ve been to numerous chiropractors without much results, but at this office, I found someone who really wanted me to be well and pain free. I’ve been treated through 2 pregnancies and also after a car accident. The results are lasting. My kids also love to come get adjusted by Dr. Hulbert. He is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable about many different subjects. I would highly recommend his services to everyone."
Marina M.
"My family and I have been coming to Doctor Hulbert for many years. He does an excellent job of keeping my family in optimal health. We are grateful and appreciate all Doctor Hulbert has done for us. Thank you Doctor Hulbert for the great service you provide for us."
Gabriel S.
"Dr. Hulbert is a gift from God! I've had horrendous back pain for 15+ yrs. (probably from the 25+ yrs of sports I've played) and I've been seeing him for little over a year now and I have little to no back pain. He is a true professional who is very thorough and passionate about his work!!!!"
Ryan P.
"Dr.Hulbert is an awesome chiro, does awesome work and alignment, x-rays, very professional, has been doing it for 28 years, very knowledgeable. Thank you Dr.Hulbert!!!"
Aleksey C.
"This is the first chiropractic I've been to, and he actually educate you about your spine! Which I thought its a plus! He is super nice and gentle. One thing that caught me off guard was the adjustment tables were in the middle of the room, which I thought it was a lack of privacy; however, it worked because once you are on the adjustment table/chair it feels completely private. The receptionist is really nice and she welcomes you with a bright smile. There's also refreshments and vitamin water or soda to snack and drink on while you wait. Price wise was pretty good for first time customer! Also they were willing to work with your budget to help get your spine adjusted and well."
Amina Y.
"We, my husband and I, love Dr. Bob. He does an excellent job monitoring progress and assuring his patients receive the adjustments needed. Definitely the best chiropractor!"
Catherine W.
"Amazing, Kind, Caring, Doctor (teacher) he's old school medicine so he treats your problem not your system. I recommend Dr Hulbert."
Rachell E.
"Dr. Hulbert is hands down the best and most knowledgeable chiropractor that I have seen. I will always refer my friends and family to him."
Greg K.
"I've been to countless amounts of chiropractors in my life and since I've been coming here I would never go anywhere else. No matter what hurts I'm able to come in there and point it out and he adjusts me perfectly. I recommend him to everyone I know."
Kaycie B.