The Six Aspects of Good Health

1. Proper Balance:

To the degree that you are nice and squared and balanced is to the degree that you run well. Every bone should be in a very specific, normal, alignment. And because we move so freely at the attachments of the bones, we have a tendency to get knocked off balance becoming misaligned there and is known as subluxation. A person can get knocked out of alignment, subluxated, through impacts / traumas, repetitive strains and/or congenital anomalies, (deformities).

An easy way to see if a person is subluxated, is through x-rays as x-rays do not lie. Have your x-rays taken while standing with feet shoulders width apart, looking straight ahead, as in talking to somebody your height. Now compare your spine with what normal looks like, and you can then tell the doctor where you are subluxated.

I insist on taking x-rays as described above. Not only do I get a clinical interpretation, it allows the patient to see if they are properly aligned or misaligned and to what degree. To the degree that a person is misaligned, is to the degree that they should be realigned.

Spinal alignment is critical as the spine houses the spinal cord and exiting nerve roots. If the spinal bones are misaligned then irritation to the spinal cord and nerve roots could occur. This irritation necessarily impedes the information going from the brain to the body and the body to the brain. Correct spinal alignments is necessary to allow proper brain function.

If any bone is misaligned then abnormal stresses will occur at what it attaches to and what attaches to it. This abnormal wearing is known as degeneration, (arthritis). Proper spinal alignment helps prevent arthritis.

2. Water:

Overall humans are approximately 60% water. Babies have the most water at nearly 80% and geriatric people (older) tend to have the least amount of water to approximately 50%. not wise at all to let your body gets below 60% hydration. Since there is no canteen in your belly, you will have to supra-hydrate when you can. I recommend having a shower filter to allow you to drink water while there in the shower. Filtered water is by the best.

As a person becomes dehydrated the brain will rob all other tissues to remain at approximately 80% water. Without water, digestion is incomplete, thinking becomes impaired, and joints begin to ache. The brain should be similar to a grape; plump and full of fluid, however if the brain becomes dehydrated, like a raisin, the neurons do not communicate as well. A poor function brain turns impairs all other body functions including thinking, digesting, sleeping and healing.

If a person were to drink one cup of water an hour, for the 16 hours they are awake, that would equal 1 gallon of water per day. I think that would be about the minimum a person would need. Naturally this amount should go up if vigorous work is being performed. So, water, water, water, and more water. You are nothing but a big sack of water so you might as well flood yourself. You really can’t get enough water.

3. Eat Light and Eat Right:

Eat in accordance to your energy (caloric) out-put. By eating meals beyond our caloric output, whether it be of carbohydrates, fat and/ or proteins a person tends to gain weight. Calories in versus calories out. Smaller meals are easily digested not allowing the body to store the fuel in the form of fat.

Smaller meals tend to utilize the hormone glucagon versus insulin. It is known that glucagon eats cancer cells whereas insulin feeds cancer cells. Micronutrients such as minerals and vitamins should also be studied and considered. You are really like a hydro-electric plant, where you get your hydro from your water and your electrolytes from your mineral salts. I recommen Himalayan salt, as it has all 84 elements of the earth in it. Always remember that you cannot have water without salt, and you cannot have salt without water. They like Siamese twins; you cannot separate them.

4. Exercise:

As the old saying goes “Use it or Lose it”. The word exercise literally means out of confinement, and if a person does not exercise, they will atrophy far quicker than one can imagine. We certainly don’t all have to be body builders, but we should all be strong enough to climb out of a ditch if we should be so unlucky to fall into one.

Everybody should start their day by holding onto the counter and doing push-ups, calf raises, squats, mule kicks and general range of motion spinal stretching exercises daily. By doing several sets of 3 or 4 repetitions and drinking water while doing them, we prepare bodies for the day. I highly recommend that some form of gym or home weight program be done on a regular basis throughout the weeks and months and in fact over the years. This will greatly help maintain strength, flexibility, and agility.

5. Avoidance of toxins:

The avoidance of toxins is highly recommended. Cigarettes and alcohol are common known toxins. Some medications are highly toxic as well. Before taking drugs of any kind, arm yourself with knowledge. Use your search engine and type in “side effects the particular drug. Look at the studies involving the drug. The dangers are very real. Please be careful.

Toxins can also come from things like sodas or any other human made product like Red Bull, candies and pastries. Toxins can come from common food groups consumed regularly too. Some people are sensitive to common foods like rice, wheat, corn, dairy, and chicken. What’s one person’s food can be another person’s poison.

If you notice being stuffed up, bloated, constipated or develop crystals in the eyes during sleep, you may be experiencing a hypersensitivity response to foods or drinks ingested. Vary your foods. Try mot to eat or drink anything over and over again as your body may over time reject them causing a reaction. Again, please be careful.

Please consider colon cleanses, liver and gallbladder flushes and parasite cleanses for toxin removal. A healthy gut is as essential for a healthy body and as important to all the other aspects of good health mention so far.

6. Having and Maintaining a Positive Mental Outlook:

Keep your mind on what you want and off the things that you do not want. By focusing in on what you want, or for that matter what you do not want, you draw whatever you are thinking about closer to you.

Depression is a terrible thing; I say this because I have been depressed before. Not liking the way I felt, I decided to not be depressed anymore. That is to say, since I do not like the way I feel being depressed, I do not allow myself to be depressed anymore by changing the way I am looking at the situation.

It is not what happens to me, it is how I react to what has happened to me that really matters. Focus in on what you are doing right and keep your mind off the things you don’t want. I have found over the years it is important for me to read and listen to positive motivation authors and speakers regularly to prevent myself from sitting back into a depressive state.

The brain is like garden spot. Without cultivation the weeds will overrun the garden. Negative thoughts are like weeds and plant themselves. Like weeds, negative thoughts require little to no water, and choke all of the other plants of food and water. A continuous positive mental attitude requires continuous cultivation of positive thoughts. Thoughts rule the world.

I feel that the above is a summary for overview of the 6 aspects of good health. We could study for many years regarding the above topics and still not completely understand it all. My job is to detect if subluxation exist and to correct the subluxation to the degree possible. I regularly coach you on the other 5 aspects of good health. This allows maximum healing and maximum expression of your internal intelligence known as innate intelligence.


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