Spinal Foot Orthotics

We have already designed and fitted thousands of patients with Spinal Foot Orthotics. Before designing some for you, you will be shown an indisputable demonstration on how they can help you. That is just one part of your free 21-point evaluation when you see the back pain experts at Spine & Disc Laser Pain Center. Spinal Foot Orthotics are the 1st Key to living a life that is active and pain free.

Our Spinal Foot Orthotics


An orthodontic is a shoe insert that can be used to correct a variety of issues in the body. The orthotics we use are designed to help prevent stooping forward and bring your weight back up over your heal. The heal is the most sturdy part of your foot. This is different from traditional orthotics which place a wedge under the heal that pushes you forward onto the front of your foot.

Some extreme cases may require a lift and should run the length of the foot vs. just the back part of the foot.

One Leg Longer Than The Other?

This is actually a very common condition. When one side is higher due to one leg being slightly longer, knee replacement or hip replacement, the spine is not straight up and down. This causes undue wear and tear on one side. It can also cause extra pressure on one side of a disc, many times enough to cause it to bulge or even become herniated more easily. Correction of these abnormal issues through the use of foot orthotics can greatly increase your mobility while decreasing pain symptoms. Our Custom Spinal Foot Orthotics are designed to help your feet better evenly distribute the load they carry daily, not just by improving front and back arch configuration. We also check the side-to-side differential and incorporate that into the design equation so that the base of your spine is corrected and your spine can perform in the way nature designed it to.

Correcting Your Problems

Many problems you may be experiencing can be corrected by using a pair of Custom Spinal Foot Orthotics, but you can also prevent pain and discomfort from ever occurring. If you have had knee or hip replacement, an x-ray can help determine what (if any) side to side differences exist and having Custom Spinal Foot Orthotics made for you BEFORE that difference causes pain can eliminate problems from ever occurring!

Custom Spinal Foot Orthotics can help benefit people with foot or back pain or discomfort due to imbalances in weight distribution and improper movement. In addition, foot orthotics can be prescribed to treat biomechanically related problems involving the knee, hip, and lower back. Foot orthotics provide functional control, better joint positioning, which in turn improves muscle activity and efficiency. Custom Spinal Foot Orthotics are known to solve a number of biomechanical related problems, not only obvious foot problems but also ankle and knee pain, pelvis, hip, spinal pain and even headaches.

By using foot orthotics, the potential for problems is reduced, the weight should be better distributed and the spine stabilized. You can put the Spinal Foot orthotics inserts into any pair of shoes. However the one-size-fits-all adage of most over-the-counter foot orthotics can prove detrimental to a patient who requires specific support or material only found in a custom-made spinal foot Orthotics. Spine & Disc Laser Center Custom Spinal Foot Orthotics are medically and mechanically engineered to go in your shoes to help get you out of pain.

Orthotics Can Strengthen Muscles

This is a common question among those who like to criticize what they see as excessive use of foot orthotics. There is recent evidence in one study that custom foot orthotics actually increases muscle strength and in another study the evidence is that they do not change the muscle strength. It is safe to conclude that Custom Spinal Foot Orthotics do not weaken muscles and can be used comfortably without worry. There are countless cases of Custom Spinal Foot Orthotics relieving hip and back pain for the clients of podiatrists. Those designed with the added advantage of stabilizing the spine can be even more pain relieving than those designed for just feet alone. Our Custom Spinal Foot Orthotics will help you re balance your feet, and reduce pain and discomfort by enhancing your body’s natural movement with every step.