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7 Keys to Spinal Healing
7 Keys to Spinal Healing
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What is Chiropractic?
What is Chiropractic?
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What Makes Us Different
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drhulbert_profileDiscover how Dr. Robert Hulbert can help you improve your health, eliminate stress, and live a pain free lifestyle! Chiropractic has become the most popular natural health care choice in the United States. It is more understood, accepted, and used than ever before. The reason why chiropractic care is so popular is because it gets great results.
More and more people are trying chiropractic care and finding it makes a huge difference in their health. There is no other health care service that can improve your health and how you feel the way chiropractic care can. Visit your Sacramento chiropractor today.

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What Is A Chiropractor and How Can They Help?

If you ask many people in Sacramento what a chiropractor is, they will tell you that they are professionals who treat back pain. In fact, most people visit a chiropractor the first time when they experience back problems.

The truth is that a chiropractor can help treat many more conditions. To understand what these are, let us begin by understanding exactly what a chiropractor is. A chiropractor is a trained health care professional who treats neuromuscular disorders through manipulation of the spine. Their main aim is to reduce pain in different parts of the body.

You may have heard chiropractors disparaged in some quarters. Do not believe a word that the naysayers have to say. In fact, chiropractors are trained and they are in the health care professionals category. Their courses go all the way to the PhD level and they are offered in top medical schools all over the world.

It is important to understand the approach that chiropractors take towards their work. They are trained to heal the body without the use of drugs. They believe that the body has the ability to mend itself if given the right conditions. Everything in the body is controlled by the nervous system so if it is out of alignment it can cause health problems. Manipulated properly, health can be restored over time.

What are some of the condition that chiropractors can help alleviate?

As mentioned at the beginning, chiropractors can heal a variety of painful conditions:

• The first, of course, is lower back pain. This is common and millions of people across the world suffer from it. With just a few adjustments, your Sacramento CA chiropractor can get rid of lower back pain without any need for pain medication. Even lower back pain that is as a result of a car accident or any other kind of accident can easily be treated. It is important to point out here that people suffer lower back pain and who don’t want to risk getting addicted to pain medications are best helped by a chiropractor.

• Did you know that chiropractors can cure deafness depending on the cause? In fact, this is how chiropractic came about in 1895. A man, Harvey Lillard, had an accident and lost hearing in one ear. When he visited his friend, D. D. Palmer, Palmer examined him and saw that his spine was out of alignment. When the doctor put the spine back in alignment, the deaf ear was cured and something else also happened – Lillard’s heart problems disappeared. That is when Dr. plamer reasoned that if straightening the spine could take care of such unrelated conditions it could surely affect a lot of other health issues. It is important to mention here that even ear infections (in babies and adults) can be cured using chiropractic adjustments.

• Vertebral subluxation is an uncommon condition where the spinal discs are compressed and rubbing on each other. It can be extremely painful and it can also lead to other health problems. By straightening the spine a chiropractor will be able to restore it back to normal.

• Neck pains are quite common after a car accident or when one doesn’t rest their neck properly during sleep. If you neck pains persist for more than a day or two you may have a problem that requires the care of a chiropractor. The pain is usually due to damage to soft tissue and muscle. A chiropractor will stimulate the muscle to improve blood flow and in a few days you should feel better.

• Chiropractors are increasingly helping people stay healthy. You can visit one even without any specific complaints and they will work with you over the years to ensure that you remain in good health. Other than just straightening out your spine (you need to have this done once in a while), they will discuss your diet as well as your exercise routine.

• If you have been feeling rather stiff lately you will be pleased to know that your chiropractor can make you feel a lot more flexible with a top to bottom adjustment. They work on all your joints to encourage blood flow which in turn provides more oxygen to the tissue in the joints. This can be particularly helpful for those who have been bedridden for a while and want to get ambulatory again.

Are there any particular people for whom a chiropractor is definitely recommended?

As a matter of fact there are. If you fall in any of the following categories it is recommended that you seek out a chiropractor in Sacramento right away:

• If you have a slipped disc. You will know because it is extremely painful and you may not even be able to walk. The doctor will examine you and refer you to a chiropractor and prescribe pain meds. If you don’t want to take them for months or years you should see a chiropractor once or twice a week.

• If you suffer poor posture your entire spine will misalign over time and you may become permanently hunched. This is a common condition for people who sit in offices all day. A chiropractor will help realign your spine and get your posture back to what it should be.

• After an accident, you may suffer joint swelling due to damage on intervertebral joints. Chiropractic can help you restore things to normal and get rid of the joint swelling.

• If you suffer frequent inflammation that cannot be explained, it could be that your spine is the problem. If the doctor has done all sorts of tests and cannot seem to find the problem try having a few adjustments and see whether the inflammation frequency and severity reduces.

• Sufferers of osteoporosis need to see a chiropractor because as they lose bone density their spine starts to shift. This can have an overall negative effect on health.

These are just some of the reasons why you should seek out a chiropractor.



Bulge or protrusion

Bulge or protrusion – Here we see that the center portion of the disc (the nucleus) has torn through all but a few fibers of the outer rings of the disc, causing it to bulge or protrude out of the disc.


Extrusion / prolapse

Here the nucleus of the disc has broke through all of the fibers of the disc and is extruding out.



In this case, not only has the nucleus prolapsed and is extruding out, some of the nucleus has broken off and is free-floating as well. Whether or not your herniation is diagnosed as a bulge / protrusion, extrusion, or sequestered, all are very serious.