"I am standing straighter."

Jose Melano

My lower back pain has finally significantly reduced. In February and March I had significant lower back pain that extremely limited what I could do around home, work, and it was even a pain to use the restroom. After two months of pain, with a detailing business, and future law enforcement career, I started looking into getting better. I went to two different places before Dr. Hulbert. On the first one, it felt rushed and they were automatically trying to tell me what it was without any x-rays, and the “treatment” was just pushing my back down on a table that would bounce it back up, and 10 minutes on a massage heat machine, which I felt resulted in a waste of my money. The second opinion was with the traditional “sobador” that is often used in the Mexican culture. My parents swore up and down that after seeing a “sobador”/ “huesero” I would be fixed, which was not the case because this is something that takes time, and they don’t even know what’s going on without x-rays.

With Dr. Hulbert, I liked that there was waters, juice, something to snack on, clean bathroom, and even a white board to keep children entertained. We had a long conversation about what was going, and discussed a treatment plan to get me physically capable of the law enforcement application process in the near future. This treatment plan included x-rays quarterly which I felt was extremely important to see and track progress. He also took measurements of how I stand, and the distribution of weight on each side of my body. Right off the bat he pointed out how when I stand I lean on one side, which the measurements and x-rays proved with my body leaning.

Since treatment has started I feel a whole lot better. I am standing straighter, and monitoring my physical capabilities according to Dr. Hulbert. I am trusting the process, and it’s been great.