Spinal Muscle Rehabilitation

What Is Spinal Muscle Rehabilitation?

Patients are enrolled to participate in Spinal Muscle Rehabilitation programs by their desire to both relieve pain and their motivation to improve overall motor function. Spinal muscle rehabilitation is a broad term, which refers to the diagnoses and correction of muscular problems that usually accompany spine problems. The reason for the rehabilitation of the spine and surrounding musculature is to restore spinal health and optimal function. The means of spinal muscle rehabilitation is the integration of passive and active exercises that re-strengthen muscles that the patient has ‘favored’ over a period of time.

Basically, spinal muscle rehabilitation consists of finding the injury or site of pain and using various therapeutic techniques to correct problem. It can consist of relaxing surrounding tight muscles, decreasing pain symptoms and the regaining of functional motion. Spinal muscle rehabilitation is indicated for patients who have developed physical de-conditioning of their muscular systems. In summation, spinal muscle rehabilitation is the term used when there is some sort of problem with the spine or surrounding tissues and a correction process is called for.

The Spinal Muscle Rehabilitation Process

Spinal Muscle Rehabilitation is a process that can involve many techniques. Older and more controversial therapies range from electro-stimulation to ultra-sonic stimulation of the skeletal muscle structure. Our spinal muscle rehabilitation program involves a multi-faced approach to treating chronic spine pain. Our Spinal muscle rehabilitation programs are individualized, tailor made programs of very specific exercises, designed to strengthen and balance weak core stabilizing muscles. We have found, to be effective, spinal muscle rehabilitation exercises need be as specific as possible. Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, laser pain therapy and restraining portions of the body during a short series of exercises using an ATM (Active Therapeutic Movement) equipment is usually incorporated in addition to a core exercise regimen.

Why Spinal Muscle Rehabilitation?

One of the reasons our clinic recommends spinal muscle rehabilitation, is to help stabilize and hold the vertebrae in their proper alignment for a longer and more permanent length of time. If you are going through a spinal decompression program spinal muscle rehabilitation is a must if a long-term outcome is desired. The goal of chiropractic spinal rehabilitation in general is to restore spinal health and optimal function and get you back to your normal life as soon as possible.

Our results suggest that early spinal muscle rehabilitation can be important in non-traumatic spinal cord injuries in reducing complications and can head off more serious symptoms. Patients with certain types of diagnosis could benefit from muscle rehabilitation efforts to improve flexibility and ambulation. The goal of spinal muscle rehabilitation is to achieve the proper balance between motion, flexibility and stability. Also, pain symptoms can be reduced by a large degree.