Spinal Test Procedures

Testing for Back Pain and Neck Pain

Prior to beginning any treatment, a chiropractic evaluation and diagnostic test procedures will be performed to determine the initial treatment procedures. Generally, a postural evaluation, palpation evaluation, coupled with range of motion testing and orthopedic testing coupled with x-rays are all that is needed. Some patients require additional studies such as:


A myelogram is a special x-ray procedure that is done to visualize the spinal cord and nerves following the injection of contrast media (x-ray dye) into the subarachnoid (spinal) space. A myelogram is a procedure that involves multiple images.


A discography is a procedure to determine whether a particular disc in the spine is causing chronic back pain and at what level it is likely to be at.


The EMG/Nerve Conduction Study can be recommended to evaluate the electrical activity of a nerve root of the arms or legs.

Bone Density

A Bone Density test usually takes only minutes. It is done while fully clothed by a non-invasive scan.

Bone Scan

A bone scan is a nuclear scanning test to find abnormalities in bone. A bone scan is performed by injecting radioactive material into a vein, this material is attracted to areas of high bone activity. Except for the needle stick to give the injection, a bone scan is painless. The test usually takes up to three hours for the injected material to land and another hour for the scan, itself.


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