Health Presentations

Promoting Health and Wellness Education

We truly believe that knowledge is power. That's why we offer free Health Presentations to anyone who wants to learn. The following presentations are held in our office in the evenings during the week or at your business, organization, church, club, etc. They last approximately an hour and a half.

  • There is a tendency for people who are under stress to allow their muscles to become tense. This can have an adverse affect upon the nerves as they exit the spine, since they may become irritated or pinched. Stress may manifest itself in different ways with different people. Most experts agree most illnesses can be made worse or even created by stress. Excessive nervous stress contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure, headaches, ulcers, indigestion, constipation and nervous breakdowns, among others. Many patients note that upon receiving care, they have more energy, feel more relaxed, meet their daily challenges with greater vigor, sleep better and generally feel better.

  • Chiropractic’s respect for the healing wisdom of the body, removal of spinal stress that interferes with the flow of natural body energies, and promotion of spine, joint, muscle and nerve balance and stability make it a health care choice for pre-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women alike.
  • What are Pressure Points? Stress affects each individual in a variety of ways. Excess stress that cannot be eliminated from the body is stored in specific spots called Pressure Points. This stored energy usually occurs along a nerve or nerve pathway, which can result in diminished nerve flow and can ultimately affect you health. Many conditions like headaches, TMJ, and carpal tunnel syndrome can be linked to nerve interference.

    In this workshop we teach you why repetitive strain injuries should not occur, with proper habits and thinking. You are shown how to organizing your workstation, spine anatomy, the proper ways to stand, work, sit and sleep. You will learn how to correctly place your hands, wrists, buttocks, knees and feet along with proper placement of your chair, desk, keyboard and monitor. You will know the importance of micro-breaks and stretching to reduce stress.


  • Many athletes feel chiropractic gives them the best “on” and “off” the field care utilizing natural methods of health care, without fear of drug reactions, loss of alertness, or contest disqualification. There is no question that an athlete performs better when under chiropractic care. That’s why many amateurs and professional wouldn’t dream of entering competition without first getting a chiropractic spinal checkup. Chiropractic’s respect for the healing wisdom of the body, removal of spinal stress that interferes with the flow of natural body energies, and promotion of spine, joint, muscle and nerve balance and stability make it the health care of choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Before long, worldwide sports-governing bodies will not only recognize, but encourage the inclusion of chiropractors’ input; a testimony to the effectiveness and appropriateness of our fresh, natural, common-sense approach to health.
  • We give educational workshops for businesses and individual groups on how to eliminate unsafe conditions and practices at work and at home. We show proper standing, sitting, lifting, bending, reaching, twisting, sleeping, and the use of safety belts. We also include proper nutrition, exercise and positive mental attitude. It is a fun, fast paced program, accompanied by slides that only take 30 to 40 minutes. We will show why safety is so important! This program has helped many companies reduce and prevent work related injuries. And because of this, it helps save thousands of dollars through the reduction in costs of claims, number of claims, employee absences and injury occurrences. We include in the presentation a Spinal Analysis for all who attend. Our Spinal Analysis machine will tell you in 30 seconds, without disrobing or x-rays, the cause of many health problems which may have been previously overlooked.
  • Despite the lack of funding from insurance companies, people are seeking more natural alternatives for treating and improving health. Multi-discipline clinics, integrating chiropractic, nutrition, medicine, and other medical and homeopathic alternatives, are sprouting up all across America.
  • Ways to Treat, Promote and Improve Human Health:
  • - Exercise
  • - Nutrition / Diet
  • - Medical / Chemical
  • - Drug Advice Surgery
  • - Emotional / Mental
  • - Biomechanical / Structural
  • - Regular Check-Ups Help
  • Please contact us for dates, times and sign up details or to schedule a presentation.